– What is TruOrthodontics?

When it comes to your health care, you want the best. Straightening teeth and aligning the bite are complex bio-mechanical processes requiring very specialized expertise.  Orthodontics are uniquely equipped and qualified to provide a custom treatment plan that is right for you.

TruOrthodontics is care following a comprehensive assessment of the patients needs where the most minimally invasive treatments are applied to achieve a mutually agreed upon result. It’s not rocket science…mostly common sense professional decisions whose benefits accrue to the patients.  not a “corporation”.

A few things that orthodontic treatment can do for you…

  1. Create a healthy, attractive smile and facial structure
  2. Ensure proper function of teeth
  3. Maintain a good bite making it easier to chew and speak
  4. Avoid tooth decay/loss by making them easier to clean
  5. Avoid expensive dental procedures that could result from untreated orthodontic issues
  6. Helps keep your airway open so you can sleep better (Sleep Apnea)

Orthodontic problems such as misaligned teeth, difficulty chewing, or shifting jaws, should be taken seriously. If left untreated, they could cause health issues down the line like tooth decay, gum disease, abnormal wearing of tooth enamel, etc.

Is my dentist also an Orthodontist?

Your confusion is understandable.

Both a dentist and orthodontist are responsible for caring for your mouth and teeth, but there are clear differences in their practices.

Dentists, who are also known as general (or family) dentists, are concerned with overall oral health. As knowledgeable as general dentists are, there are some dental problems whose treatment requires additional training beyond dental school. Your dentist may even offer orthodontic services, leading you to assume that they are an orthodontist. Despite these similarities, a dentist is not an orthodontist. Even if your dentist, in some states, is allowed to provide specialty care without formal post-dental school training in an accredited residency program.

Orthodontists are specialists who focus on your bite and alignment of your teeth. Our job is to not only make sure that your smile looks great, but your bite feels good and functions properly, too. Your orthodontist has invested an additional 24 to 36 months into learning everything there is to know about the alignment of your teeth and jaws. Orthodontists typically limit their practice to their dental specialty, meaning that they focus on what they do best which is correct movement of teeth, jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue.