Did you know?

As  you know,  Dr Connell is committed to lifelong learning and has served as an adjunct associate professor at Marquette University’s highly regarded Dental School for more than 25 years. Orthodontist, Orthodontics, Dr Connell, Brookfield, Milwaukee, Milwaukee orthodontist

But, did you know that Dr Connell is also President of the Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists (WSO)?

The WSO is our state constituent of the  American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) which share the following goals:

  • To advance the art and science of orthodontics.
  • To encourage continued education by planning bi-annual scientific programs with nationally recognized educators.
  • To support Marquette University’s dental school and orthodontic resident program, both financially and intellectually. (Marquette is the only Wisconsin dental school and has the only graduate orthodontic program).
  • To make significant contributions to the oral health of the public through our members.
  • To promote goodwill among our members and with our communities.
  • To aid in the emergency continuation of a member’s orthodontic practice as needed in the event of unexpected death or disability.
  • To mentor younger members into the specialty of orthodontics.