Cleaning Invisalign Braces

Ask your orthodontist what method will work best for cleaning Invisalign braces.

Your Orthodontist will be the best option to answer to your questions about options so you can help keep your aligners fresh, clean and debris-free.

Invisalign Cleaning Systems

The company that manufactures these aligners also offers a professional cleaning system for proper Invisalign hygiene.  When used regularly, this solution can easily assist patients with removal of plaque and other debris from aligners.

Toothbrushes for Invisalign

There still is no substitute for a good, soft-bristled toothbrush. Of course regular aligner brushing is encouraged, but toothpaste is not recommended, this is because many toothpastes contain a myriad of abrasives known to cause scratches of other aesthetic irregularities in the aligners. Alternatively, patients can use a mix of water and dish washing detergent as a substitute.

Invisalign Soaking Solutions

Soaking solutions are obtainable at most pharmacies, but it’s advised that before using any type of solution all directions should be followed stringently. And, be certain to rinse away any excess before returning the aligners to your mouth.

Invisalign Cleaning Products

Yet another option available to Invisalign patients, these come in a variety of types including powders, tablets, foams and crystals. They also come packed with an oxidizing agent that works to remove stains while killing microorganisms as well as “chelating” solutions, detergents, dyes, enzymes, smells and more.