Broken Braces Bracket?

A broken braces bracket is a very common problem orthodontic patients can face when wearing traditional braces.

A broken braces bracket doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a dental emergency. Examine your mouth carefully and decide whether you need urgent attention or it can wait until your next scheduled appointment.

They can brake for a number if reasons

  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Sustaining an injury to your mouth
  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Using a toothpick
  • Flossing rough

If one of your brackets has broken, there are steps to ensure it can get fixed with no complications.

Check to see if the wire is still attached to the bracket. If so, leave it in place. If it’s attached and sticking out, press it gently back into position using a cotton swab. Use orthodontic wax to hold the broken bracket in place in your mouth until you can arrange to see your orthodontist.  If the bracket has come loose, remove it if you can easily and bring it with you for reattachment.

Make an appointment with your orthodontist to have the bracket repaired. The urgency for seeing your specialist depends on how much discomfort you’re experiencing and the degree of damage. Notify him or her as to whether you have the parts of the bracket with you. This will enable your orthodontist to be prepared to fix the bracket during your appointment.

While you wait for the appointment, rinse your mouth regularly with salt water to promote healing, and eat soft foods such as boiled eggs, yogurt and fresh breads to avoid doing further damage to the bracket. Avoid hard, crunchy foods such as apples, raw carrots and sticky candies.