Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

There is more to straight teeth then the cosmetic benefit.  Your health can also benefit from straight teeth.

Help with TMJ pain – When your upper and lower teeth don’t come together correctly, it can cause stress on the jaw joint and result in an uneven bite.  Headaches and TMJ pain can be helped when we are able to create an ideal bite.

Less cavities – Teeth that are too crowded or spaced too widely apart can be more difficult to brush and keep clean and maintain.  It is also much more difficult to floss crooked teeth as it is harder to get into the crevices.

Better Speech –  Teeth play an important role in your speech and your speaking patterns may improve if you currently have teeth that are gapped, protruding or crowded.

Easier Time Chewing – When you have perfectly straight teeth that chew properly, you can also reduce the risk of injury. Crooked teeth, tend to protrude at different angles. You could accidentally knock out a tooth or bite your tongue.