Orthodontics and Adults

Childhood is of course the ideal time to get treatment, since the mouth and jaws are still growing, but many adults still can get beautiful and lasting results which can be achieved discreetly and effectively with modern orthodontic appliances and technologies.

Many adults understandably don’t like the way traditional braces look. These days, there are so many other options for braces that it’s possible for almost any patient to be treated effectively and efficiently.

It should also be noted that the goal of orthodontic treatment (especially in adults) isn’t always limited to straightening teeth and/or correcting a bite. Teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks and help define your face.

The relationship between the jaws, teeth, face, soft tissues, and underlying skeleton of the face are important, and your orthodontist takes this into account when designing a smile.

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Braces and Appliances