Do I need a referral from a Dentist for Braces?

My child has really crooked teeth. Do I need a dentist to refer my child to see you?

Nope! No dental referral is needed to see Dr. Connell for your free initial consultation.Orthodontist, ortodontics,

Initial Consultation for Phase 1 Treatment  (Pre- Braces)

This free consultation is simply to evaluate the alignment of your child’s teeth and jaws, sometimes using an x-ray to get a better idea. We take a playful approach for our youngest patients, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable, and don’t have any worries about their future smile. And we want to address your concerns, too, making sure you feel confident in the process.

If any early treatment is needed that would make having braces easier, we’ll talk about it with you, and perhaps make an appropriate follow-up appointment.

Schedule your initial consultation. It’s Free!