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Dr. Connell said I was the star of his Marquette School of Dentistry lecture!

Thanks to everyone at his wonderful office for an awesome experience.

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Dr. Connell patiently gave the time needed to help me learn about all of my options…which were hard to understand. I was born missing 4 adult teeth and Dr. Connell helped me achieve an excellent result without having to deal with a life-time of implants or bridges. My parents and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Connell gave me a smile that is all mine…nothing artificial in my smile! Thanks to Dr. Connell for looking out for me and my future dental health.


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I wore braces as a teenager with good results but over time my teeth shifted and so, at the age of 50, I decided to seek out treatment once again. Having worked in health care for over 20 years, I knew the importance of finding not just an orthodontist who had excellent technique but also someone with a great “chairside manner.” In Dr. Todd Connell I was fortunate to find both qualities.

Before seeking treatment I did extensive research on adult orthodontics and thus had numerous questions during the consultation process. Dr. Connell met with me on several occasions prior to treatment and addressed all my concerns in a thoughtful and empathic manner.

He never rushed me or became defensive and even encouraged me to get additional opinions. He also did something none of the other orthodontists I consulted with did: He made a point of emphasizing all the positive things about my teeth instead of just focusing on what needed correction. Such compassion on his part made me feel much less embarrassed about my “ugly teeth” and much more comfortable with the idea of committing to orthodontic treatment again.

Although my case was somewhat of a “tough one” in that a few of my teeth were slow to move and alignment was complicated by several issues, Dr. Connell never grew impatient or tried to rush the process (rushing can have several negative consequences, including decreasing the likelihood of a stable result after braces are removed). He was always sensitive and respectful of any concerns I had during the period I wore braces and was willing to adjust his treatment plan to accommodate my scheduling needs even if that meant extending treatment time (the longer a patient is in braces, the more costly that patient is for the orthodontic practice).

I actually looked forward to going in for adjustments — I was never kept waiting, the atmosphere was always relaxed and cheerful, and any questions I had were thoroughly addressed. I love my new smile and my perfectionist dentist is also very pleased with the end result.

I feel exceptionally lucky to have been treated by this orthodontist and would recommend him without reservation.

My son uses Dr. Todd Connell for orthodontics. He presented my son’s case well. It wasn’t required orthodontia. It was cosmetic. He gave us a choice to go with it or not. He did an assessment with my son to find out if my son was able to brush his teeth properly and not eat food that he couldn’t with the braces. Dr. Connell was very thorough.

The appointments, they have always run on time for us. It is very quick in and out. He explains thingsthoroughly when you are in there

I received treatment for approximately 2 years for adult braces. I found Dr Connell andhis entire staff very friendly and professional.. The lady that handled the billing/insurance was super nice and made everything (payment plan) very easy to understand. I have no complaints.

He is great. He has aprofessional facility. We get in and out very quickly. He has been a goodOrthodontist in terms of adjusting to whatever my son’s needs.

I felt it was very professional and everything was very thoroughly explained. A very efficient office and all of the personnel were very nice. It was overall a very pleasant experience.

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