Well, Hello There! If our hands are going to be in your mouth....

We thought you'd want to know who they belong to.

For starters, our team has been together for so long, we seem more like a family than co-workers. You sense it the minute you swing the door open.

Moms tell us that our friendly team always helps their little ones relax, especially for the first consultation. When it’s time to get braces, kids and parents enjoy visiting with us just as much as we get a kick out of seeing them. You’ll find us catching up with funny stories, proudly hanging the latest artwork, and fist bumping after game day.

All in all, we’re pretty grateful to call what we do “work.”

Meet Dr. Connell

Orthodontist, photographer and passionate purveyor of satisfied smiles.

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Meet The Smile Team

State-of-the-art smiles come standard with an outstanding patient experience.

Meet the Team